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All Mothers Must Live

We use localized voice technology to educate pregnant women in remote areas. Women receive free phone calls with information relating to pregnancy and childbirth. The educational messages are in 5 Ghanaian local languages.

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Empowering Africa's Women

Unleashing the economic dynamo of Africa's female labour force would both sustain and accelerate growth - Joaquim Chissano

I suppose i could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what i decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which entered before my husband was in public life - Hilary Clinton

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We Save Lives

Everyday approximately 800 women die from
preventable causes relating to pregnancy and childbirth.

99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.

Maternal deaths are higher in women living in rural areas and among
uneducated communities where there is little or no access to healthcare.

Appropriate maternal education save the lives of these women

Maternal mHealth

Voice Technology

Pregnant women in remote areas receive voice calls in their local languages with easy to understand information on stages of their pregnancy, danger signs, basic malaria prevention routines etc.

Educate & Sensitize Women

Women Powered

The Maternal Portal Project also focuses on gender equality and sensitize women on their basic rights. We focus on women’s empowerment for sustainable development, poverty reduction and education.

Community Outreach

Maternal Education

Our health professionals educate women in deprived villages, through women’s groups. Women are educated cultural issues that influence the use of maternity care and services why they should seek skilled professionals during delivery.